What The Design Fairy Does

Looking for a little Interior Design advice and guidance for your project at home? Welcome to The Design Fairy.

The Design Fairy launched in February 2011 as the UK’s first online Interior Design Service. In short, The Design Fairy provides an affordable, personal, informative and comprehensive service all from the comfort of your own home!

So, you’re looking to refurnish your lounge, design a new kitchen or decorate your bathroom but not sure where to start? Perhaps you need some advice on appropriate colour schemes for your guest bedroom or wallpaper advice for your new dining room? Say hello to The Design Fairy.

She is here to design and devise a professional plan and concept for your chosen room(s). With the provision of some helpful information from the client, The Design Fairy will create and design a solution which is perfectly tailored to your unique requirements and specific needs. The service is so affordable because the client provides all of the necessary information upfront. The Design Fairy simply works from her office, online, putting together an amazing package and passes on the expensive consultation and design fees which an Interior Designer would normally charge.

How does it work? The Design Fairy offers a number of unique packages, at affordable prices, which can be purchased online. Each package is detailed on the website to help the client choose the option which is most appropriate to their requirements. There’s a range to choose from: Basic, Intermediate and In-depth Room Designs to Colour Concepts and Furniture and Spatial Planning packages. The Design Fairy also offers Bespoke Packages personally tailored to the client’s specific requirements.

Upon purchasing a package The Design Fairy will send through a Welcome Pack. The Welcome Pack consists of an Introduction to the company, a detailed questionnaire and instructions on how to draw a basic plan and take photographs of your space.

The questionnaire is an extremely important part of the process. It allows the Fairy to understand the client, their inspirations, ideas and the way in which they live. A detailed explanation is provided to show the client how to draw a basic plan of the space and take specific photographs so that the Fairy can understand the characteristics and dimensions of the room. All of this information ensures that a completely personalised and customised design can be put together for the client.

Once The Design Fairy has received all of the initial info she can get to work on providing a unique design dedicated to your requirements. Upon completion the client will receive a beautiful presentation, straight to their inbox, including beautiful mood boards, easy-to-understand plans, 3D visuals and detailed concepts and supplier information for suggested furniture, finishes and accessories. A gorgeous presentation box is sent, via post, to the client which will include (dependent upon package purchased) the design presentation, swatches of fabrics, paints and finishes to help the client visualise the suggestions within their space.

Your Personalised Design Fairy Package

The Design Fairy is available throughout each stage of the process to offer advice, talk through the status of the project and explain the decisions made to reach the final design presentation. She is available via email, phone and even Skype every day of the week!

Check out The Design Fairy for more information!

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