Interior Find: Turkish Delight

“A cushion is a luxury; a reminder of a journey, a memory of a dream.” … this is the motto behind this fabulous cushion boutique shop which has just been launched by Rifat Ozbek in London.


Yastik means cushion in Turkish – and that’s what this boutique store sells. The collection is designed with beautiful and exotic fabrics which owner, Rifat, adds his own personal touch to. The eclectic and sumptuous combines in his designs – the cushions are colourful, unique and versatile.

Vintage Cushions

There are over 100 limited designs to choose from with designs for each season. The beauty of these cushions is that they will fit perfectly within any interior – they’re so versatile that they’re perfect for contemporary to traditional interiors!

Varied Designs

The Design Fairy x

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Stairways to heaven

Normally I enjoy writing about room interiors that I really like … but today I came across these gorgeous stairs and thought they were definitely worth sharing!

Stairways to heaven

The mirrored tiles on this dark staircase add interest and sparkle in just a few short steps! If you’re looking to create something different why not try this – the result: an interesting mix of textures and an interest to the area of the home which can sometimes be a little boring!

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Inspiring Interiors: Bright Grey Room

Sounds a bit contradictory, doesn’t it? Bright Grey Room? … I stumbled across this gorgeous room on House To Home the other day and just had to share it with you!

Bright and Grey can work together

The sophisticated shade of grey highlights the profound impact of these dramatically bright colours! Enjoy!

The Design Fairy x

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Tasty Tableware

I love this collection of tableware which I came across in May’s Elle Decoration Magazine

Metroquadro by Paola Navone

‘Metroquadro’ is a collection of six dinner plates, bowls and dessert plates that are lavishly decorated on the outside. The set comes with wall hooks and brackets for display. The tableware was designed for Florence’s ‘Taste’ culinary exhibition – each plate is dedicated to a different food producer. They collection is available from Luxury Living.

The Design Fairy x

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Hubbly Bubbly Design

Hookahs – the waterpipes traditionally smoked in the Middle East are fast becoming design items. They’ve become quite a familiar site in chic cafes in London such as Momo’s but now the Parisian brand Airdiem has launched a modern glass and porcelain ‘Oxygen’ hookah.

It has also collaborated with the crystal house Baccarat on the reissue of this striking hand-cut crystal hookah which was originally created in 1896.


The Design Fairy x

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Room of the day: Modern Minimal Bedroom

Minimal Modern Bedroom

The designer of this room has created a wonderfully minimalistic interior using the technique “box within a box”. The closet has been built to create a room inside a room. The mattress sits within a box-bed frame and a boxed recess behind the bed acts as a bedside table. The smooth and clean surfaces help to make the most of the minimalist design.

The Design Fairy x

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*Clothing For Culture*

My blog is generally about all things interior design related … but every once in a while I come across a concept that I absolutely love and for me that is Clothing 4 Culture

It’s a fantastic concept which mixes fashion with charity. It started out by chance when 3 close friends travelled to watch the African Cup of Nations in Ghana, January 2008. Being of African heritage they made some cool t-shirts in support of their home countries and wore them to the games, along with other friends and relatives.

Culture 4 Clothing

The T-shirts received lots of support and a massive reception during their trip. On their return the three friends sent their t-shirts to the Premier League’s African players upon returning to the UK. When Portsmouth won the FA Cup some of the key players like Nwankwo Kanu and Sulley Muntari adorned their t-shirts during team celebrations. … Success!

After this the guys decided to make t-shirts that promoted the same sense of pride for the city that had raised them, London, just like the ‘I heart NY’ t-shirts did for New York City.

Rather than just making t-shirts to look cool they also created the C4C foundtation to tackle homelessness in London. For every t-shirt sold somebody within the city of London benefits! Its a great concept – whilst wearing fashionable t-shirts and embracing the London Love someone else is being helped.

This theme transcends Clothing For Culture. Every t-shirt supports a particular cause. To find out more check out their website!

The Design Fairy x

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